1972 • Research related to composite insulators was started at the Electrical Industry Research Institute (VKI).
1976 • With the assistance of the National Power Line Company (OVIT) the first
generation of 400kV composite insulators were installed in the Hungarian
section of the Göd-Léva international power line.
1982 • Requested by Hungarian Power Companies Ltd. (MVM Rt.) the engineers of
VKI developed the technology for industrial production of composite insulators.
1986 • Requested by the Swiss ABB the research engineers of VKI, based on their own patent and know-how, took part in the establishment of a production plant for manufacturing 66-550kV high voltage apparatus equipped with composite insulators in Switzerland.
1991 • FETI (Furukawa Electric Technology Institute) was founded on the basis of the Insulation Technology Department of VKI. The insulation developments were continued already in cooperation with the Japanese Furukawa Electric.
1993 • The FCI Furukawa Kompozit Szigetelô Kft. (FCI Furukawa
Composite Insulator Ltd.) was founded. (Founders: Furukawa Electric Co., Itochu Corporation, MVM Rt., Longterm Credit Bank of Japan).
1993 • The first 110 kV project, Pomáz – Dorog / ELMÛ.
1995 • The production plant of FCI Furukawa was built in Budapest.
• Introduction of the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System.
1996 • The first 220 kV project, Detk – Zugló / MVM
• The first 400 kV project, Berlin West –
East connection / BEWAG.
2004 • The 500.000th composite insulator was produced.
• Introduction of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.
2005 • The first 110 kV substation standing insulator project,
Arad / Romania.
2006 • The first 400 kV substation standing insulator project,
ABB / Sweden.
2007 • The first 500 kV project, Kazahstan.

•100% of FCI shares has been takeover by Hungarian Owners







• The 1.000.000th composite insulator is produced.

• The first 800 kV pilot project

• We have opened our new Factory in Tápiószecső (30km     from Budapest Airport)

• The 2.000.000 th composite insulator is produced.