Technology description

Technology and Product Description

It is important to emphasise that the mass production of the FCI composite insulators was started only after the base materials and the production technology had been established in detail as a result of the joint effort of the Hungarian and Japanese engineers. The process was greatly enhanced by the introduction of the world renowned Japanese quality assurance system, including a computerised production management. This is the key to the high quality of FCI composite insulators.

A special glass fibre (grade ECR) reinforced bar is used as a core for the composite insulators, the tensile strength of which exceeds that of steel. A weather resistant silicon elastomer cover is built around the core, which ensures an efficient water shedding and special insulating properties. The so called LSR silicon resin (which contains minimum 80-90% silicon polymer and which has been specifically developed to match the high voltage electrical requirements) is a self regenerating material, for this reason it operates efficiently in highly polluted industrial environment, as well as in desert or seashore salty climatic conditions.